About - Who are we?

Why choose us?

Interactive Monkey software development provides a unique opportunity to work with highly experienced developers and designers. Our philosophy has always been to build high quality applications that combine rich functionality, with a great user experience. There is no reason why your work applications can’t be fun too.

Interactive Monkey has over 20 years’ combined experience in building high quality patient related software for the NHS making healthcare our main specialty, but we also have many more years’ experience writing software applications for all areas of the market from social housing, retail to golf and leisure.

Our passion has always driven us to build the best possible products in a timely fashion. If you have an idea we want to make it a reality.

  • Quality


    All software is fully tested by automated tests and user acceptance testing to ensure a high quality. Testing is done both in the test environment and also within the intended production environment.

  • Delivered on Time


    Interactive Monkey Ltd will communicate our progress with our clients constantly to ensure everyone is up to date with the state of the project. Our main goal is to deliver your project on time and with the feature set you wanted.

  • Cost Effective


    We have very low overheads compared to most full time software businesses. This gives us a competitive advantage allowing us to provide custom software solutions at a fraction of the price.

Our process

Interactive Monkey uses a lightweight agile methodology to develop software. Development is delivered in iteration to help the client ensure that what is being built meets the client’s expectations.

It is important to also describe the various stages or phases of development and detail which components or milestones will be delivered during each phase.

  • First step

    Product Planning

    We capture the work to be developed in the form of backlog items. You can define user stories, requirements, or features to capture the product vision and roadmap for your system.

  • Second step

    Sprint Planning

    After the backlog has been created, estimated, and groomed, the project team can begin planning an iteration, also known as a sprint. Here we will create the tasks to implement a backlog item.

  • Third step


    The sprint is where our monkeys start work. A sprint is usually a small amount of time, normally about 2 weeks to a month. The aim is to complete all of the tasks agreed at the sprint planning stage.

  • Fourth step


    At the end of a sprint we will release the completed features to the test environment. This means you get to see your product quicker giving you the ability to steer it in the right direction.

Meet the workforce

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    Simon GashDirector / Interactive Monkey

    "Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. – Henry Ford"

    Simon is an experienced C#.NET & Java Developer. He has over 10 years’ experience developing systems for the NHS & many more in other business sectors. Simon’s specialty is document management & CMS systems.
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    Gareth KendallDirector / Interactive Monkey

    "Programmers are tools for converting caffeine into code"

    Gareth is an experienced C#.NET Developer. His key expertise are developing web and desktop applications. He has over 10 years’ experience developing systems for the NHS.
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    Mohammed ShareefDirector / Interactive Monkey

    "It’s only impossible if you stop to think about it."

    Mohammed has been a contractor for many years, he is a skilled .Net developer with expertise in healthcare, financial services and many other areas of the market. He is also our lead mobile app developer.